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"Breathe Paris in, it nourishes the soul"

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The capital of innovation and home to French culture! Characterized by the Haussmann architecture, the City of Light is proud of its rich cultural heritage and diversity. The French capital has gone from a Gallo-Roman, Medieval, Classic, Modern, and Contemporary era to become the most visited city in the world! The Seine splits Paris in two, with the middle-class districts on the west shore, and the shopping and cultural districts on the east. Paris symbolizes love with the Montmartre. Paris symbolizes culture with the Louvre. Paris is constantly evolving and offers a multitude of opportunities in terms of Outdoor advertising and Street Marketing. The streets of the French capital are blooming with life and are conducive to new experiences, encounters, and emotions.

As part of a creative journey to innovate in the field of OOH and street advertising, Urban Act has developed a comprehensive range of offers which include Wild Posting, experiential events, street projection devices, etc. The street is a place where one can express his feelings, doubts, political aspirations, or artistic talent ... Paris is enriched by all these art forms and remains one of the most attractive cities of the world through its history, its culture, its excitement, and its vision of the future.



A very specific profession, strong customer expectations and local know-how that is not always mastered
or up to the stakes, have prompted advertisers to seek Urban Act and its expertise beyond its borders.