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Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing is a concept that allows to speak in the urban space in order to blend in with the shopper's environment and interact with him in an...

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing is a concept that allows a brand to take advantage of the notoriety of an event or a news item that is not its own to serve its communication.


Arketing is a concept that combines art and marketing to allow brands to speak creatively by promoting the greatest collective emotion.

Brand Content

Brand content has become a key issue for brands in this digital and social network age to feed communities to affirm a positioning and a brand image.

Proximity Communication

Proximity communication is a concept that consist engaging an audience to inform, develop a relationship, and create an affinity associated with the brand...


The DOOH corresponds to an advertising offer consisting of speaking in public space to broadcast digital content and reach the largest number of people.


Geomarketing is a marketing technique for analyzing consumer behavior to better understand them and understand their habits and their places of interest in...

Alternative Marketing

Le marketing alternatif répond a des demandes croissantes des annonceurs de sortir des sillons publicitaires habituels et traditionnels pour aller vers des...

Influence Marketing

Le marketing d’influence étudie une cible et son comportement, orchestre des actions publicitaires on et offline pour nourrir et influer sur les...

Rumour Marketing

The marketing of rumors is driven by the ambition to create an interrogation with the target audience based on information that is not verifiable and not...

Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory marketing provides an additional ooh communication channel for brands to surprise and captivate their audience through the most unconscious sense.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a technique that relies on the internet community to relay branded content on social media and generate exponential online visibility.

Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing taps into the basic human emotions to connect brands with their audience in a meaningful way, it can be used to create affinity around a...

Tactical Media

Tactical media makes it possible to convey your advertising message to the shopper at the right moment and place to boost awareness of branded content.


Phygital combines the best aspects of physical marketing and digital marketing to deliver unprecedented consumer experience as well new opportunities for...

Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing aims to provide a more personal shopping experience to the consumer and guide him through his shopping journey. It favors a face to face...


A very specific profession, strong customer expectations and local know-how that is not always mastered
or up to the stakes, have prompted advertisers to seek Urban Act and its expertise beyond its borders.