DIESEL - BE STUPID - Happening / Operation speciale


Clean Tag


To stand out and prove its anti-conformism, the launch of the new Be Stupid campaign signed by Diesel integrates non-regulated and differentiating media to create buzz. The reasons for being of the "sulphurous" Italian ready-to-wear brand Diesel are anti-conformism, self-affirmation and desire to stand out in order to constitute a real alternative to market standard in fashion. Advertising campaigns of the brand convey this state of mind very widely and are by the way often controversial.

Therefore, when it comes to communicating in an unconventional way around the "Be Stupid" slogan, media responsible for generating buzz and for conveying this atypical advertising message must be just as much. Thus, during the launch of the communication campaign for the new Diesel Spring-Summer collection, various guerrilla marketing tools such as Clean Tag and Display Board are deployed initially on a selection of young and trendy neighbourhood of the city. The strategy adopted by the Urban Act agency is to rely on impacting and emerging tools in order to dynamically initiate an interaction with the target.

In addition, thousands of t-shirts come in a second phase to "dress up" the street furniture as part of a participative happening to convey key words and philosophy of this campaign, namely carefreeness, boldness, and anti-conformism.

The goal of this teasing operation is not only to feed buzz around the Be Stupid claim in an original and impacting way but also to invite Parisian public to put this concept into practice and to be bold in taking over the Be Stupid branded t-shirts and at the same time this campaign combining visibility and interactivity.





Happening / Operation speciale

A participative Happening-type guerrilla marketing operation to make a "Maxx" of buzz around Virgin Radio. Virgin Radio, whose airplay only dated from 01/01/2008 has established itself as the reference pop-rock radio for the 15-34 year-olds. However, in order to reinforce the wealth of sympathy of this radio and with a view to speak on places where the target is gathered in Outdoor, Urban Act agency sets up an atypical communication operation. This one will take the form of a happening of event-oriented and participative nature on a(...)

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DESIGUAL - Living Party - Happening opération spéciale


Happening / Operation speciale

Category: Clothing  Announcer: Desigual  Tool: Event Sampling Desigual makes its Living on a clothesline Spanish heat in Rue Montorgueil when it’s time to go back to school. For the launch of their "Home" collection, the atypical brand DESIGUAL has called on the Urban Act agency for a colourful guerrilla marketing operation. In September, Desigual releases its new line "Desigual Living", its first collection of household linen for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen with original and colourful patterns. The operation t(...)

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PLACE DES TENDANCES - Happening t-shirts


happening t-shirts

C‘est pour le site internet PLACE DES TENDANCES qu’a été confié à Urban Act la réalisation d’une opération de Street Marketing. L’objectif était de mettre en place un dispositif non réglementé et participatif à l’occasion du lancement de l’Espace Homme de l’enseigne. A cet effet, Urban Act a réalisé un dispositif d’échantillonnage évènementiel de T-shirt sur 2 quartiers parisiens (Saint-Lazare (...)

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