Le street marketing

The street marketing


It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, trend, change, innovation, in many fields and especially in fields such as art, fashion, music, politics or communication. It is the place of Live contacts between the public and brands because the most direct and strongest speech is expressed in it; and it is the first buzz space. Thus, events exist in reality before being offered and spread over the Internet and social networks; it is a permanent source of news and constant movement. A free speech in the street looks like an event and not an advertisement. The impact has strongly increased!
It is the place of the unlikely and unexpected. In the street, everything becomes possible, the public is surprised, seduced, attentive, the brands gain in notoriety, in affinity, in brand preference. Brands are constantly seeking to emerge and perpetuate their difference. It is the quest for this singularity that drives advertisers to jump out of the usual advertising paths or to supplement them with Street and Guerrilla Marketing operations.


In terms of Street Marketing, innovation is continuous to make the best use of the forms, surfaces and opportunities offered by the urban environment and the street. Far from limiting itself as one might think to free wild posting or of leaflet or handout distribution, deployed media can take many other forms and must be able to invite itself into the urban space by combining key values:

  •  Media is unexpected and ephemeral unlike conventional display networks;
  •  Messages are adapted to brands; the transgressive channel gives them an extra impact ;
  •  Infinite installation possibilities give rise to a real ephemeral network that connects the city in a unique and effective way;
  •  Street Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing tools allow placing brand messages at the heart of the greatest flows;
  •  The exceptional event aspect of these operations turns campaigns into a special moment between the brand and its audience. 

Finally, the latest generation tools such as Cello Stickering, a kind of flexible cello panel stretched between two elements of the urban space, or the latest ephemeral projection processes, prolong the spectrum of media which are constantly on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to write new brand stories in the city.


At the time of participatory web and social networking, brands have a vital need to buzz on social networks in order to maintain boiling and feed communities. This digital resonance nevertheless requires content, a fuel; it is the raw material of buzz that the Street will produce through Street Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing. Indeed, the most successful Alternative Marketing operations are those which, beyond instantaneous performance (gathering, drive to store, traffic creation…), induce a spontaneous takeover of the event by the public on social networks, the web and the media. This virality of the buzz keeps participatory platforms running and represents spreading points of new content: comments, questions, extrapolations, diversions, debates ... The brand is then alive, exposed and becomes a source of interest, to the great advantage of what it vehicles and inspires.


In its "unhate" campaign simultaneously deployed globally (in Rome, Milan, New York, Tel Aviv and Paris), Benetton asked Urban Act for a Guerrilla Marketing tool to tattoo as usual the media and web sphere with its incomparable and unforgettable claw.

This campaign, which is part of an alternative strategy, was a very sensitive tactical operation since it introduces the great people of this world into incongruous situations.

Benetton will opt for a Guerilla Marketing action and the Street to promote its new campaign, as it is the only one which can provide its absolute freedom and an incomparable surprise effect. The resulting media and web buzz has irrigated the entire planet because of the universal and open nature of the slogan "unhate".

Street Marketing, otherwise and freely   

Street Marketing was born from the brands’ need to communicate differently and freely. Its expression methods, its media and its mechanics will not cease to evolve but it is certain that the place where the rhythm of the city beats will remain a fertile and subtle communication ground because there, the distance with the target is minimal and freedom is maximal.